FLiP Hardware

The FLiP team is comprised of vape enthusiasts unified in a single goal: to deliver superior flavor.

The hardware is what makes us special. The FLiPgrip is a compact but powerful box mod, which was created by Joyetech and will be released worldwide. Our rebuildable atomizer line of tanks anddrippers was created by Jay Bo who revolutionized dripping with the iconic Tobh atty. The FLiP adds a new dimension for him to play with. Lastly, there is the starter kit, and it packs a huge punch for eGo-C users.


At Sunlight, we design and build portable solar-powered lighting solutions to brighten your world. Our world-wide patent pending inflatable solar lantern designs incorporate the latest technology to offer a safe and reliable source of light for indoor and outdoor use in all weather conditions. As the original designers and creators of these innovative products, we are dedicated to using only the finest materials and craftsmanship to meet our exacting standards for superior value and performance. 

Who are we

some of our products

Holy Smokes specializes in electronic cigarette and vaporizer products as well as solar-powered lighting solutions and work exclusively with our China based manufacturer to distribute exclusive brands. In addition, we have also brought in a panel of advisors and professionals to provide business advise and consultation to potential clients.